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London 3DS StreetPass Event Set For This Weekend

Jonathan Lester
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Let's Mii-t Up!

London 3DS StreetPass Event Set For This Weekend

StreetPass functionality is one of the most exciting innovations that the 3DS brings to the table; allowing users to wirelessly swap Miis and save game info just by passing someone else. It's perfect for bustling Eastern thoroughfares - but in our wide antisocial suburbs, netting new contacts can be extremely tricky. To rectify this, NintendoScene have organised a massive street gathering/flashmob that lets 3DS owners mill around, network, socialise and get those all-important streetpass Miis for use in StreetPass Quest.

It's taking place this Saturday at 12:00 under the London Eye. The street session will last 3 hours and then the proceedings will move onto the Angel In The Fields Pub (on Oxford Street). Full details can be found here.

We'll be there... and if the weather holds, you'll recognise me by my truly horrendous bermuda shorts and Dealspwn T-Shirt. Drop us a line in the comments if you'll be making an appearance! Be sure to charge your 3DS beforehand, though. Battery life will be at a premium.

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Jerec  Apr. 11, 2011 at 17:20

Wow. Its this kind a thing that you have to respect about Nintendo, they really do give back to the Gamer.

I just wish that Sony would do the same once in a while, perhaps if they had then the PSP could of done better here.

Fingers crossed that they do for the NGP.

Jonathan Lester  Apr. 11, 2011 at 17:26

Indeed, I wish that Sony had organised this sort of thing for Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star Portable 1 & 2 etc.

Vicky Hudson  Apr. 14, 2011 at 14:40

I'll be there - I missed the big one at King's Cross station so have been waiting for another London event. See you there!


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