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Lone Survivor Dev Teases New "Zelda x Demon's Souls" Project

Matt Gardner
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Lone Survivor Dev Teases New "Zelda x Demon's Souls" Project

We loved Lone Survivor here on Dealspwn, and creator Jasper Byrne has revealed a few tantalising tidbits for  new game that he's working on - a title that, according to Byrne himself, is shaping up to look a little like The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass meets Demon's Souls.

"Basically it's a combination of all the ideas I've been shooting around since the later parts of making Lone Survivor, from dungeon crawler to sci-fi head-messing to whimsical platformer," said Byrne over on his blog. "Or another way of looking at it may be Zelda x Demon's Souls?"

Byrne also revealed some of he ideas that he's had for the game's combat system, and professed a love for rolling.

"It has two-handed combat, equipable weapons and rolling (I love rolling), but I’m now writing an engine to make this sort of Zelda-Phantom Hourglass type projection to try and make the environment more exciting, but unlike that game it will use sprites to convey the characters. I still have a good way to go before I can get this sort of look in-game, a lot of tools to write and art to draw."

We've popped in a couple of prototype images, but you can find more (along with a Jawa-esque character) over on his site here.

Here's what Jon said about Lone Survivor in his review:

Lone Survival is a masterclass in effective survival horror design, which expertly shoehorns vulnerability and insanity into its open-ended gameplay. The strong storyline and exquisite 2D presentation overshadow its few flaws, resulting in a thoroughly impressive indie breakthrough.

So yeah, we're pretty excited.

Lone Survivor Dev Teases New "Zelda x Demon's Souls" Project

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