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Lord of the Rings Conquest £7.45 @ Shopto [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Lord of the Rings Conquest £7.45 @ Shopto [Xbox 360 Games]Unless you’re one of those dedicated fans who have actually gone and read all the books, there’s only one thing which the Lord of the Rings movies really have going for them, and that’s massive epic battles. Once you’ve seen The Two Towers and Return of the King once, subsequent viewings seem to just consist of tapping the next button on your DVD remote (past all that homoerotic Sam and Frodo nonsense) until you reach the next epic clash between orcs, elves and men.

And really, finding yourself thrown into the most ferocious scrap between good and evil ever envisaged by Tolkien is what you want from a LOTRs game. But while Conquest does go some way in satisfying your thirst for oily-orc-bloodshed, the battles just feel a little bit understated. However at £7.45, Conquest is certainly worth the money (next best deal comes in at around £9 from Powerplay Direct) and is a title which won’t disappoint fans of the trilogy.

My only really gripe against Conquest concerns the lack of enemies. When you first begin - initially assuming the role of an ordinary foot soldier – the lighting, textures and overall detail of the environments make a great first impression. The same can be said for when you unleash a devastating tirade of attacks from your massive sword. It really feels like you’re capable of doing some serious damage and you can’t wait to plough through a few legions of Saruman-scum.

However, when they do come, there just never seems to be enough. During the initial training session in which you assume the role Isildur and defeat Sauron at the battle of Dagorlad, it feels more like a small skirmish than a decisive engagement. Although you initially put this down to the fact that the game has not properly started, it soon becomes clear that this trend is going to be fairly consistent throughout.

Like Star Wars: Battlefront, the battles are too sparse, lack any real sense of scale and have too few concentrations of enemies. Even during Helms Deep, one of the most epic of all the LOTR’s engagements, orcs come at you ten at a time at the most, and the battlefield feels annoyingly empty. If it had only been a little more successful at capturing the epic scale of its source material, Conquest could have gone from a good to a truly great game.

Thanks to Scraggs21 from Hotukdeals.R

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Gamster  Apr. 22, 2010 at 21:47

Please keep in mind that EA has shut down the servers for playing LOTR Conquest online. So you'll only get the chance to play the singleplayer campaign.

Jonathan Lester  Apr. 23, 2010 at 15:18

Well spotted.



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