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Lost Odyssey £9.99 @ Play [XBox 360 Game]

Lydia Low
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Lost Odyssey £9.99 @ Play [XBox 360 Game]

This game feels like something of a blast from the past at times, with its traditional JRPG stylings but if there is still a place in your heart for a high quality old fashioned role player then you could do a lot worse than make a place on your shelf for Lost Odyssey. With a winning cast of characters and an enthralling development scheme, this is an adventure well worth diving into.

Play are currently offering Lost Odyssey for £9.99, the next cheapest is £11.99 from Amazon, which gives you a £2 saving, plus Play tend to get their items to the customer a fair bit quicker than Amazon if you are opting for the latter's Super Saver (ie. free) delivery.

Lost Odyssey is set in a world in the grip of an "Magic-Industrial Revolution". Magic has recently been magnified across the world and so there has been a boom in devices known as "Magic Engines" which harness the magic power found in all living creatures. Unfortunately this has led to the creation of new weapons of mass destruction. You take on the role of Kaim, lieutenant of the Uhran army and an immortal, tasked with a mission to investigate one of these weapons - the Grand Staff.

Unsurprisingly for a game "from the creator of Final Fantasy", Lost Odyssey plays a lot like an older Final Fantasy title with turn based combat and a World Map which becomes gradually more open as you gain the use of new vehicles (well, ships). It's not going to convert any action fans but if, like me, you don't mind the occasional bit of old school battling then this is an odyssey well worth getting, er, lost in.

Thanks to Steve81 at Hotukdeals!

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Christopher  Nov. 17, 2009 at 22:03

£6.99 in Head, Leeds.

Lydia Low  Nov. 17, 2009 at 22:22

Wish these Head shops were nationwide! It sounds like they have some really good prices.

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