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Lost Planet 2 £21.85 @ ShopTo [PS3/360 Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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Lost Planet 2 £21.85 @ ShopTo [PS3/360 Games]

Global warming isn’t all bad. Take the terminally dull-named planet of EDNIII. 10 years ago it was a frozen wasteland, but now the snow has melted to leave behind something a bit more tropical for Capcom’s third-person shooter.

Not a bad price seeing as it’s only just come out. Act fast on this deal and you might bag a free Lost Planet 2 T-shirt.

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The snow might have gone, but the planet is still full of the angry Akrid aliens. Standard cannon-fodder are easy to put down, but the weapons still feel a little weightless. Even more so when it comes to the boss fights which prove to be the game’s highlights once again as you might have already of had a taste of if you downloaded the demo a few months back. Running around inside these bastards is messy indeed, so a quick blast with a rocket launcher may even improve things.

The VS suits return in improved form although they’re still a bit on the slow side. Not that you’ll be complaining when it stops you getting eaten. God-damn these bosses are big. Thankfully the Akrid still have huge glowing weak-spots to aim at to take them down quicker.

The poorly placed checkpoints may irritate the living hell out of you at times, but the blow is softened if you get some 4 player co-op going. LP2 has had some mixed reviews to say the least, but most agree that it’s a much better experience if you play the story mode online. Tackling these bosses on your own can be a bit on the daunting side not to mention time-consuming.

Hard to recommend as a single-player experience then, but a lot of fun if you run with a decent online crowd. At least the snow’s gone though.

Thanks to striker33 at HotUkDeals for the find

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