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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition £6.99 @ HMV [XBOX 360 Game]

Marius Goubert
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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition £6.99 @ HMV [XBOX 360 Game]

If you love fast paced action games with mad killer aliens and enough guns to rival Arnold Schwarzenegger, then Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is definitely a must have addition to your Xbox 360 collection. The game is  currently being offered on the HMV website for just £6.99. That’s a great price considering the next best offer according to price comparison is from Coolshop at £16.99. (The game was being offered by Play.com for £7.99; however they are now out of stock - so it might be a good idea to get in quick with this one!)

In essence Lost Planet is a sort of cross between Halo and Starship Troopers. The story takes place on the freezing ice laden surface of some hell - hole planet where humankind stands on the brink of extinction. Locked in a vicious struggle with the indigenous Akrids over thermal energy, humans are fighting for survival while snow pirates - clad in huge mechanical VS suits - indiscriminately roam the hostile wilderness.

The player takes control of a VS navigator called Wayne who, after a run in with a horde of Akrid aliens, is injured and loses his memory. The story follows Wayne’s quest to unravel his past, to discover who is behind a deadly plot to destroy humankind, and pretty much kick the crap out of anyone who gets in his way.

As previously mentioned the game owes a lot to Halo. The player can only carry two weapons at a time and is protected by a similar sort of energy shield. However one of the best thing about Lost Planet is the ability to gear up in a VS (Virtual Suit) which is almost like one of those power loaders from Aliens or a transformer. The suits are strapped with an array of mega weapons including gatling guns, homing missiles, lasers, rocket launchers and high powered mage shot guns.

Although the levels are short, they are packed with hordes of enemies who are really fun to take down with this sort of firepower. Like Starship Troopers the waves of Akrids can seem endless. One minute you’ll be running across the surface taking down dozens of the blighters and the next you’ll be falling down a crevasse and have to face about fifty more.

So gameplay is intense and the graphics are not half bad either. According to many of the reviews on Amazon the game is a real treat for the eyes. So if like me you’ve been hesitating over Lost Planet and were reluctant to gamble £20 in case it was rubbish, rest assured it’s a really decent game (and for £6.99 you definitely can’t go wrong!)

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition £6.99 @ HMV [XBOX 360 Game]

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Emma Kelly  Jul. 14, 2009 at 15:11

Yeah, for £7, not bad. I bought it a while ago and had a few hours of fun. The suits were an interesting part of the game play.

jon  Feb. 7, 2011 at 16:59



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