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From Lost Planet's Patch to E3 Rumour Roundup - News Roundup 6th June 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Lost Planet 2 Patch Incoming... Thank God

From Lost Planet's Patch to E3 Rumour Roundup - News Roundup 6th June 2010

Lost Planet 2 promised to deliver a high-octane cooperative thrill ride through the hostile world of EDN3- but a host of godawful problems and niggles make it a truly miserable slog most of the time. Luckily, Capcom has announced that a new cross-platform patch will fix many of the annoying issues that practically ruin the singleplayer experience. Here are the highlights:

  • New respawn checkpoints have been added to all levels that will allow players to pick up where they left off rather than being forced to restart the level. Frankly, this should've been sorted from the get-go.
  • Knockback attack animations will be shortened and more difficult to trigger. It's about time- since most players spend the majority of the time lying on their back swearing at the screen.
  • Players will dish out and defend against more damage at lower difficulties. Perfect for those singleplayer slogs.

The free patch will be hitting June 7th for PS3, and the Xbox 360 version is being "planned". [Capcom Unity]

PES 2011 Gameplay Footage Hits The Net

Pro Evo was once the Cadillac of footie games, but FIFA's new lease of life has relegated it to the lower leagues these last couple of years. However, some leaked footage and new screenies show an enhanced graphics engine and some fluid mechanics. Why not judge for yourself? (NB: it's a handcam video, but you'll see what we're on about) [VG247]

Rumour Mill: E3 Roundup

From Lost Planet's Patch to E3 Rumour Roundup - News Roundup 6th June 2010

E3 is nearly upon us- and naturally the internet is now full of half-truths, whispers and conspiracy theories about what's in store. Here's a roundup of some of the more promising rumours we've heard these last few days.

  • Valve to announce Half Life Ep.3? Valve has recently announced that their Portal 2 reveal will be replaced by a "big surprise". Blatantly faked promotional imagery aside, it's likely that this could be the Episode 3 announcement we've been waiting for. If it's true, I'd expect to see Episode 3 running on a significantly enhanced Source Engine to compete with current titles.
  • Bethesda to announce new Elder Scrolls? A "surprise" entry in the Bethesda E3 lineup has prompted many pundits to theorise that a new Elder Scrolls game is on the way. Whilst there's no concrete proof at this stage, it's been years since the staggeringly capable Oblivion was released... and the time is right. We're willing to bump this one up to "likely."
  • Ninja Theory Developing Devil May Cry V? We've picked up on this rumour ourselves a while back- but it's sticking around. Either way, Ninja Theory are definitely developing something big, though it's still unclear whether they're working on Dante's latest excursion. Watch this space.
  • Slim 360 on the way? Analysts and pundits have been predicting this one for years- and a few independent bloggers have announced that they've acquired proof of a leaner, meaner console SKU. Personally, I'm not convinced- as this story has been floating around for time immemorial. Still, we'd be the first to welcome this announcement if it turns out to be kosher.

Know something we don't? Got some rumours you'd like to share? Drop us a line in the comments?

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