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Why We Love . . . Scorpion And Sub-Zero

Tom Silkstone
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Why We Love . . . Scorpion And Sub-Zero

Mortal Kombat's been out for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I'm LOVING it! Whilst sitting back on the sofa and pummelling my opponents into the ground in order to get to a delightful fatality, I started t0 think about my favourite characters in the series, the ones who I've also gotten a thrill out of taking into the ring since the very first instalment of the series. The two who stand out the most for me are Scorpion and Sub-Zero, sure Liu Kang and Johnny Cage can be fun in small doses, but I've always revelled in besting an opponent with the cool blue ninja and the resurrected yellow clad warrior. Also, lets not forget that both are wrapped up in a rather heavy storyline with one another.

Why We Love . . . Scorpion And Sub-Zero

I'll get things rolling by casting my gaze over my time with Sub-Zero. He's the first character in any fighting game that I bothered to learn all the moves for, mainly because I loved tormenting my friends as a kid by freezing them in place, laughing, and then knocking away a fair chunk of their health with a perfectly timed uppercut. To be honest though all of his moves are cool (pardon the pun), whether you're quickly sliding into your enemy's side, freezing the ground beneath their feet, or creating an ice clone to catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard, saving your skin for a few seconds.

Then there are his fatalities, which go another step towards demonstrating that he's somebody who deserves your utmost respect! My favourites have got to be when he freezes his opponent and shatters them into a million pieces, and the one where he freezes the bottom half of the loser's body and rips them clean in half to leave their frozen spine dangling out of their severed torso!

Why We Love . . . Scorpion And Sub-Zero

Scorpion is without a doubt one of the greatest characters to grace the fighting genre! Eventually after testing out a range of fighters during the course of my Mortal Kombat sessions, I'd come up against the yellow spectre, lose miserably, and end up sitting on my sofa thinking 'this is a character I've got to master!'.

The first time you throw one of his spears across the screen at your enemy and hear "GET OVER HERE!" or "COME HERE!", is a truly special moment (or a deeply frustrating one if you're on the receiving end and dragged across the screen to within arms length for a severe beating), and you'd be lying if you hadn't had a look round to make sure nobody's watching before trying to imitate his signature phrases. You've also got the ability to teleport around the screen, sneakily causing damage to the back of your enemies head, or you can always sit back and set them on fire.

He's got a pretty spectacular fatality up his sleeve as well. While his enemy sways about in an unconscious mess, he rips his mask off to reveal a skull with blazing eyes underneath, following which he breaths fire around the unfortunate warrior, engulfing them in flame before they're finally reduced to a pile of dust.

Why We Love . . . Scorpion And Sub-Zero

The rivalry between the two characters has been present for a fair while and captured our attention a long time ago, and since then we've always been eager to hear more about their intertwined stories.

Hanzo Hasashi was one of the finest warriors among the Shirai Ryu and was honoured to receive the code name 'Scorpion'. His skills were put to the test as a ninja assassin and he was enlisted on a mission to help Quan Chi find the sacred Map Of Elements, during which he encountered and was killed by Bi Han, the older of two brothers in the Lin Kuei to bear the code name 'Sub-Zero'. On hearing that Scorpion had failed his task Quan Chi flew into a murderous rage and destroyed Scorpion's family along with the rest of the Shirai Ryu in payment to the Lin Kuei.

Quan Chi was no fool however and knowing that Scorpion's abilities could continue to serve him well he resurrected the fallen ninja. With Sub-Zero firmly in Scorpion's sights, Quan Chi told the spectral warrior that he could have his vengeance by fighting Sub-Zero in the Mortal Kombat tournament, and provided him with a further incentive by informing him that if he failed again his soul would be cast into oblivion.

Why We Love . . . Scorpion And Sub-Zero

Scorpion attended the tournament and following Goro's defeat at the hands, or more likely feet, of Liu Kang, he caught up to and final killed his rival, following which he returned to the Neatherrealm. Soon after this whisperings of a new tournament began circulating as did a rumour that Sub-Zero would be taking part once more, which as you can imagine infuriated Scorpion as he felt cheated by his killer somehow returning to the land of the living! Scorpion entered the Mortal Kombat tournament once more and whilst stalking Sub-Zero he observed him sparing the life of one of his opponents, at which point he realised that this was his rival's younger brother, Kuai Liang. Following this, Scorpion decided that he would protect the younger Sub-Zero to atone for killing his brother, which payed off for Earth realm when Shao Kahn later targeted its warriors.

Returning to the Neatherrealm once more, Scorpion was informed that his family had been murdered. Seeking answers he went to Quan Chi, who promptly lied to him by naming the new Sub-Zero as the murdered. With his blood boiling, Scorpion sought out the younger Sub-Zero and once he had defeated him, Quan Chi appeared and told him that he had in fact killed his family and merely wanted him to break his oath of protection over Sub-Zero. After this revelation, Quan Chi attempted to send Scorpion back to the Neatherrealm, but quickly thinking on his feet Scorpion charged the sadistic necromancer and both were sent back to the Neatherreal, which ended the final encounter between both he and Sub-Zero, unless you include the events of Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe.

Of course they would all meet again in roughly the same way, although with a few differenced here and there, when the timeline was altered after Raiden sent a message back to his younger self, but if you want to see how that turns out you'll just have to purchase the new Mortal Kombat game and trust me you won't be disappointed!

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