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Why We Love...The Donkey Kong 64 Rap

Matt Gardner
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Why We Love...The Donkey Kong 64 Rap

Gaming and hip-hop are cut of the same cloth. Forged in the fires of the late-seventies, finding their feet in the eighties before bursting forth with colourful diversity into the nineties and becoming all shiny and mainstream in the new millennium. Ask Grant Kirkhope about some of his proudest moments in his long and notable career as a music producer and composer and he'll point towards a myriad of Rare's titles from the 90s. What he won't say, however, is the DK64 rap:

'Aaaaarrrggghhhh.... Don't mention the DK Rap,' he said, chatting to SEMO's Chris Greening earlier in the year, '... it wasn't my fault honest! Blame George Andreas the game designer — it was all his idea. I still get made fun of at Big Huge Games about the DK Rap. What can I say, it was supposed to be a joke — you know, monkeys rapping about pineapples and bananas — and it wasn't supposed to be a serious attempt at rap music. Oddly enough, Nintendo still used it on Super Smash Brothers and had it re-mixed by some Japanese DJ... weird! I think my tombstone will read, "here lies the body of Grant Kirkhope, he wrote the DK Rap, may God have mercy on his soul". Heh!'

Quite frankly, though, we rather think that Mr. Kirkhope should wear a t-shirt that reads 'I wrote the DK Rap...and it KICKS ASS!'

To this day I still consider Donkey Kong 64 to be one of the finest platform games ever created and, arguably, the best (not the most important, but the finest) example of the genre on the N64. Its roster of characters, each with their own unique, and very important, talents perfectly blended Nintendo's eye for long-lasting mascots with a Rare team at the height of their powers. You wonder, for both parties concerned, why the hell Nintendo ever let them go.

I remember queueing for hours for DK64. I remember racing back home, tearing Pod Racer out of the cartridge slot, making sure the Expansion Pak was securely fitted, and firing up my newly purchased game. I remember laughing my socks off. So many people purport to loathe the DK rap nowadays, it's become a rather popular thing to trash. But I remember I time when it was pretty hilarious. You never saw things like that on the N64, or Playstation for that matter, simply because there wasn't enough space. But the addition of the Expansion Pak allowed Rare to go utterly bananas (Oh dear God why?!... - Ed.) and it was AWESOME!

Why We Love...The Donkey Kong 64 Rap

Come on Cranky!!...Take it to the FRIDGE!!

I remember my friends and I learnt all of the lyrics. I developed some severely amateurish beatboxing skills and, whilst my snare and cymbals were a little off, I developed a new party trick: being able to emulate the strange turntable squeal in the chorus after each emphatic 'DK...' I can still do it to this day.

It's showboating to a certain extent. But that's why we love it. Not only did Rare deliver a game on Nintendo's own platform, with Nintendo's own characters, attempting to outdo Nintendo in their own backyard at their own game, but Rare figured they'd kick things off with a musical number too. They had balls back in the day. Brilliant, creative balls.

The DK64 Rap

He-He-Here we go!

So they're finally here,
Performin' for you.
If you know the words
you can join in too.
Put your hands together,
If you want to clap,
As we take you through,
This Monkey Rap.


D-K...Donkey Kong.
He's the leader of the bunch,
You know him well,
He's finally back,
To kick some tail.
His coconut gun,
Can fire in spurts,
If he shoots ya...
Its gonna hurt!

He's bigger, faster,
And stronger too.
He's the first member,
Of the D.K. Crew.


D-K...Donkey Kong...

D-K...Donkey Kong is here!...

This Kong's got style,
So listen up dude.
She can shrink her size,
To suit her mood.

She's quick and nimble,
When she needs to be.
She can float through the air,
And climb up trees.

If you choose her,
You'll not choose wrong.
With a skip and a hop,
She's one cool Kong.


D-K...Donkey Kong!

He has no style,
He has no grace.
This Kong,
Has a funny face.

He can handstand,
When he needs to.
And stretch his arms out,
Just for you.
Inflate himself,
Just like a balloon.

This crazy Kong,
Just digs this tune!


D-K...Donkey Kong!

D-K...Donkey Kong is here!

He's back again,
And about time too.
And this time,
He's in the mood.

He can fly real high,
With his jetpack on.
With his pistols out,
He's one tough Kong.

He'll make you smile,
When he plays his tune.
But Kremlings beware,
Cause' he's after you.


D-K....Donkey Kong!

(Background) HUH!

He's here for you.
It's the last member,
of the D-K Crew.

This Kong's so strong,
It isn't funny.
Can make a Kremling,
Cry out for mommy.

Can pick up a boulder,
With relative ease.
Makes crushing rocks,
Seem such a breeze.

He may move slow,
He can't jump high.
But this Kong-s,
One hell of a guy.


(Non-singing) Come on Cranky,
Take it to the fridge!

Walnuts, peanuts,
Pineapple smells.
Grapes, melons, oranges,
And coconut shells.

Aw Yeah!

Walnuts, peanuts,
Pineapple smells.
Grapes, melons, oranges,
And coconut shells.

Aw Yeah!

Walnuts, peanuts,
Pineapple smells.
Grapes, melons, oranges,
And coconut shells.

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Dan  Dec. 12, 2010 at 14:25

I never bought this (by that I mean bought for me) because it was just so expensive and rare (no pun intended) and with the added cost of the expansion pack. Only Majora's mask was a big enough incentive to take the plunge. Aren't those the only 2 games that use it? Nintendo has always been absolutely atrocious with add-ons. Even all the Wii ones have sunk without a trace of support.

Felix Kemp  Dec. 22, 2010 at 16:53

Quite possibly, the best article Dealspwn has ever done. Literally, that song sent me back years!


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