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From Macbeth: The Videogame To Yakuza 3 Outside Of Japan: News Roundup December 1st

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Today’s news roundup sees the possible adaption of Shakespeare into a videogame, with Marc Ecko revealing his plan to re-imagine Macbeth, while Valve defend Steam from attackers such as Randy Pitchford, and Yakuza 3 is listed on Amazon Germany, despite no official confirmation of release outside of Japan.

Macbeth Considered For Videogame

From Macbeth: The Videogame To Yakuza 3 Outside Of Japan: News Roundup December 1st

Shakespeare, despite his huge influence on literature and its effect on movies, has never made the transition to videogames.  Well, according to entrepreneur Marc Ecko, he had a plan to completely re-imagine Macbeth.  Unfortunately he didn’t share any details, but did reveal the idea only made it as far as a pitch or demo, failing to make it to the later stages.

Apparently the game would have been very violent, and when Ecko was asked if the reaction to the Macbeth worried him, he replied “I don't live my life afraid of what other people think.  Our adaptation, I think, would have made it relevant to people who wouldn't have otherwise known about this great story. It's unfortunate, because a lot of people just don't know Macbeth.”  Still, a videogame hardly sounds like the best way to learn about Shakespeare.  [Destructoid]

Valve Defend Accusations against Steam

From Macbeth: The Videogame To Yakuza 3 Outside Of Japan: News Roundup December 1st

Valve may have been on the receiving end of a Randy Pitchford rant a while back, with Pitchford claiming Valve exploit the “small guys” on Steam, and allowing Steam to dominate the digital distribution market is a “dangerous” idea, but Valve have only explained now why they believe it’s a good idea that Valve have their own games on Steam.  Jason Holtman, Valve’s business director for Steam, pointed out “There's nothing better in the world for anyone making an Xbox 360 game than the fact that Halo exists.  It's awesome, there's nobody saying 'boy I wish Bungie hadn't made Halo' because it sold an awful lot of Xboxes that you can sell your games on.

Holtman believes the same logic applies to Steam, with the content and distribution working together to make a stronger platform.  He also points out its clear Valve games are not the only big names if you take a look at the top sellers on Steam.  Holtman finishes off his defence of Steam claiming “In terms of whether we get too big or maybe our content shouldn't be on the platform, it's just doesn't make much sense. Because the content helps the platform grow.”  [GamesIndustry]

Yakuza 3 Listed on Amazon Germany

From Macbeth: The Videogame To Yakuza 3 Outside Of Japan: News Roundup December 1st

Despite no official confirmation from Sega regarding a Yakuza 3 release outside of Japan, the game has popped up on the Amazon Germany site, apparently set for a March release.  This joins previous unofficial evidence, with a source earlier this year revealing the game is in fact undergoing localization for release in the rest of the world.  When Sega were contacted regarding this news, Sega of course issued the standard “no comment” response.  If we do someday get to play Yakuza 3, we’ll still be behind Japan though, with Yakuza 4 announced back in July.  [1UP]

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Hummy  Dec. 1, 2009 at 20:10

I'm really looking forward to Yakuza 3 although I'm still in the midst of playing through Yakuza 2!

fanpages  Dec. 2, 2009 at 12:13

If you have access to the Japanese PlayStation Store you will find a Playable Demo of the "Yakuza 3" game has been available since 19 February 2009.

It isn't a trivial download though; 1,256Mb in size!




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