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Machinarium £3.26 @ Machinarium.net [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Machinarium £3.26 @ Machinarium.net [PC Games]

Listen up, honourable folks and pirates alike. Amanita have extended this deal by "a few days."

Machinarium is an exceptional indie adventure game and a staggering show of good faith on the part of Amanita Design. They released their critically-acclaimed finished product without any DRM whatsoever in order to make life easier for us... but as you'd expect, a whole slew of disgusting, comtemptable weasels decided to pirate Machinarium and take money out of a hardworking independent developer's pockets. Congratulations, you complete and utter filth.

However, you scurvy dogs now have a chance to redeem yourselves thanks to the Amanita Games' Pirate Amnesty promotion... and the rest of us get an excellent deal. They've slashed the prices for Machinarium to an astoundingly low £3.26 on the official store, giving us the chance to download both the game and official soundtrack for around a third of the asking price. This will save us over £6 compared to the next best offer from The Hut. Come on folks, support these guys... and you pirates ought to consider trading £3.26 for a clear conscience.

Note that you can buy in Sterling on Paypal after clicking "order."

Rant over. Machinarium is a traditional point and click adventure game that casts you as a robot lost in a mysterious and perplexing city. Exploring beautiful hand-crafted backdrops, you'll interact with a fiendish selection of brainteasers, puzzles and full-on conundrums that'll require some serious brainpower. An innovative hint system uses cryptic sketches to gently nudge you towards puzzle solutions rather than just revealing the answer, which further increases the satisfaction of working them out.

Basically, Machinarium has won art design awards, game of the year competitions and will your heart if you give it half a chance. (aww)

Especially if you pirated it. £3.24 is a small price to pay in order to sleep at night. Filth.

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