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Humble Bundle Adds Five New Games

Jonathan Lester
Braid, Humble Indie Bundle 3, Indie Games, Machinarium, PC games
Machinarium | Revenge Of The Titans | PC

Becomes Best Deal Ever?

Humble Indie Bundle #3 has become officially the best indie deal of all time thanks to the addition of the games from the previous bundle! That's right, as well as the original five games, Wolfire has added the following classics to the deal:

  • Braid
  • Revenge Of The Titans
  • Osmos
  • Machinarium
  • Cortex Command

You'll need to pay over the average price (i.e. a paltry $4.82) in order to receive the extra games. If you've already done so, they'll appear on your download page.

So do the right thing. Support Indie developers, support two charities and get yourself ELEVEN great games for between £3-£4. Being good has never been so... good.