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Mad Catz Controller £9.99 @ Argos [Xbox 360/PC Peripheral]

Jonathan Lester
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Mad Catz Controller £9.99 @ Argos [Xbox 360/PC Peripheral]

There's nothing worse than planning a multiplayer session and realising that you don't have enough controllers for everyone. Sitting around whilst waiting for your mates to finish their game is a real hassle. Conversely, it can also be extremely aggravating to play cross-format games on your PC without a console gamepad; there's no quicker way to get carpal tunnel syndrome than using a mouse and keyboard to play an action game. It therefore makes good sense to keep a spare controller around, and grabbing yourself a backup is fairly cheap now that Argos have halved the price of the Madcatz Xbox 360/PC controller to £9.99. This is £6 cheaper than the official wired controller from most discount gaming retailers.

The Mad Catz Xbox 360 gamepad is a wired peripheral, which has its own set of pros and cons. Sure, it'll take up one of the 360's precious USB ports- but you'll also be able to plug it straight into your PC. The comments on our recent Batman: Arkham Asylum Deal perfectly illustrated how difficult and frustrating it can be to play an action game without appropriate controls, and picking up the this compatible controller will unlock the full potential of your PC games as well as saving you money and a whole load of Tiger Balm.

The build quality of the Mad Catz controller is fairly mediocre, but it's still comfortable to use and is perfectly reasonable for the price. It also literally doubles its value since it can be used on both your PC and your console- in essence, you're buying two controllers for half the price of one. Never get caught short at a gaming session with your mates again!

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Vince  Apr. 22, 2010 at 23:03

This controller is GREAT. One exception, it doesn't work on my computer. Other than that it is a lot better than the one that comes with the 360.


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