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Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad £20.95 @ MyMemory [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
Games accessories, Mad Catz, Street Fighter

Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad £20.95 @ MyMemory [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]For those of us too young to remember the good old days of the smoky arcade hall or too poor to fork out around £50 for one of those old-skool MadCatz Flight Sticks, thankfully, diehard Street Fighter fans can always opt for one of these Mad Catz Fightpads. At the moment, one of these beauties will set you back £20.95 from MyMemory which is the cheapest deal currently going. And, according to its IGN review, the Mad Catz Fightpad is brilliantly crafted to really enhance the experience of beat-em-up titles like the legendary Street Fighter IV.

In terms of design, the Mad Catz Fight Pad reverts back to the days of the lone D-Pad, but despite what you might think (and although similar to the original X-Box 360 controller’s floating D-Pad), Mad Catz have made several modifications. For a start their D-Pad is larger which makes it much more comfortable to use and, even during those frantic button bashing Street Fighter battles, means that the pain takes a little longer to set in. The larger size of the D-Pad does not come at the expense of poor responsiveness however, as apparently, this is absolutely spot-on.

About the only drawback with this Fight Pad according to its IGN review is regarding the buttons which have are not quite as resistant as one would hope. However this is compensated by the pad’s turbo feature, and although it’s not the most robust build in the world – this pad probably won’t survive more than a few hard throws against the wall – the competitive edge it provides should go some way in cutting down on game rage. So next time you're losing, don’t blame it on the controller.Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad £20.95 @ MyMemory [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]

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