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Madworld £3.93 @ Asda Entertainment [Wii Games]

Marius Goubert
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Madworld £3.93 @ Asda Entertainment [Wii Games]It’s not often that a game rewards you for getting creative about killing. And while Madworld’s wildly over the top take on mass murder – which sees the player ramming trumpets through foreheads and impaling opponents of traffic signs – would probably offend the sensibilities of Peter Sutcliffe, many gamers will enjoy its surreal, obscene and ultra-violent nature. It’s probably not a game which should be played around kids, but for just £3.93, Madworld is definitely worth a punt if you fancy indulging yourself in some good old sadomasochistic fun.

Most striking about Madworld (apart from its utter gratuity) is the game’s unique black and white visuals which are reminiscent of a comic strip. Despite the minimalistic use of colour – apart from some very liberal splashes of crimson which invade the screen whenever someone gets dismembered – the developers have managed to give the game a highly detailed and interesting visual appearance (kind of like Aubrey Beardsley meets Kill Bill). Although you can’t help but get the sense they are just making doubly sure players don’t confuse the on-screen atrocities with the real world and start slicing their neighbours down the middle with a hedge trimmer, it’s a classy form of presentation.

The story of Mad World involves a terrorist take over of Varrigan City in which the player finds themselves forced to participate in a sadistic game show called ‘Death Watch’. The object of the show is to murder fellow contestants in a variety of exotic ways with extra points being awarded for the most sensational kills. These vary from just slicing someone up with a chainsaw to utterly bizarre methods like murder by UFO tractor beam. This is certainly not one of the Wii’s most family orientated titles, but is defiantly good for a giggle if you enjoy a bit of ultra-violent game-play.

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