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MadWorld £3.99 @ Play [Wii Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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MadWorld £3.99 @ Play [Wii Games]

You've got red on you...

Violence junkies rejoice! Play are now selling MadWorld on the Nintendo Wii for a nifty £3.99, which is over 15% cheaper than £4.73 at The Hut.

MadWorld is one of those rare beasts for the family-pleasing Nintendo Wii: a riotous Blood Harvest! You play as a contestant on a ‘near-future’ TV arena-gameshow where you need to kill your way through an onslaught of enemies in brutalistic fashion to rack up high scores. There’s more of a story there, but it’s very much filler between the action.

Players can use nearby objects to make a glorious mess of things. One creative example would be pinning an enemy’s arms down by slinging a tire over him and then ramming a street sign through his face for bonus points. There are plenty of survival kills available too such as spiked walls and subway trains. Yes, MadWorld wears its 18 certificate with the utmost pride.

The graphics are very stylised too, with black and white comic book-style visuals making the game a change from the Wii’s usual colour-fests. There are occasional uses of colour but the general look is Daz bright white’s with black lines, kind of like an inverted Sin City.

The controls utilise both the Wiimote and Nunchuk to mimic the on-screen carnage. Being a third person action game, the camera can be a little swine at times and the action can feel a little repetitive after a while. But this is a game to play in entertaining bite-sized chunks, rather than ploughing through in a day.

For under £4, couldn’t your Wii use a bit of madness?

Thanks to georget from Hotukdeals.

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