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MadWorld £9.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Game]

Felix Kemp
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MadWorld £9.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Game]

If the deluge of family-friendly Wii titles swamping your local game-store disgusts you, why not help bolster the sales of violent, over-the-top MadWorld, available from Zavvi for just £9.95!

Skewered on a price-comparison, Zavvi’s offer for MadWorld proved to be the cheapest around! Delivery’s free, too. Incongruous though it may be upon the Wii, MadWorld impressed critics with its stylised visuals and violence, earning an 81/100 on MetaCritic, with ZTGameDomain claiming it’s “an amazing game that you have to experience yourself”.

The fictional state of Varrigan City must once have enjoyed peaceful days and sunsets. Now, however, controlled by the malevolent ‘Organisers’, it is the set for a depraved, twisted television program, ‘Death Watch’, where contestants plunge street-signs into one another, carve off limbs, and generally murder and dismember. Inventive.

Draped in shades of only black, white and red, MadWorld is a distinct game, both in aesthetic and practise. The visuals are surprisingly solid for a Wii title, with exaggerated proportions and stylised executions. The Wii’s motion-controls aren’t forced into action for sake of gimmicks, with some wave-and-waggle inputs relating to in-game actions, but the majority of gameplay carried out via the buttons.

MadWorld is a refreshing change of trend from the usual Wii releases. It’s violent, juvenile, twisted and immature, and utterly brilliant for it! Nintendo once catered to the hardcore, could be relied upon for a stream of pioneering titles and unforgettable experiences. It doesn't anymore, but MadWorld is a reminder of the old days.

Thanks to andywedge from HotUkDeals!

MadWorld £9.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Game]

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