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Mafia 2: Director's Cut Incoming

Felix Kemp
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Mafia 2: Director's Cut Incoming

I quite enjoyed Mafia 2. It's perhaps a tad too faithful to its 1950s backdrop - driving the cars often felt like punting a trolley down a dirt-road - but it's world is such a wonderful pastiche of mafia canon I was hooked from beginning to end. I bargain quite a few of you were, too, so you'll be pleased to hear 2K Games is bundling all the DLC released thus far into a quintessential package; Mafia 2: Director's Cut.

In America, Mafia 2: Director's Cut is already on sale and retailing for $24.29. So about twenty quid, then. Along with the original game, it includes the DLC packs, Joe's Adventures, Jimmy's Vendetta and The Betrayal of Jimmy. Additionally, all the splintered retailer pre-order exclusives, like car and costume packs, have been thrown in to boot!

I've checked Amazon UK, but have found no evidence of a Director's Cut edition of Mafia 2. We're always a little slow to get wind of things, and it would be stupid for 2K to restrict the release to a single country. Expect a similar price and imminent release when all is announced in due time. [Joystiq]

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sparced  Mar. 23, 2011 at 23:51

The DLC bundle on PSN is £19.99. I though the Jimmy Vendetta's free DLC was pretty good until I noticed it contained no trophies so moved onto something else.

Not sure I'd repurchase this the same way I would GTA Complete Edition.


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