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Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC Announced

Jonathan Lester
Arrowhead Game Studios, Cthulhu Fthagn!, DLC, Paradox Interactive, PC games, The Stars Are Left

Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC Announced

Cthulhu Magicka Wgah'nagl Fhtagn!

Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Studios have announced that Magicka will soon be receiving its biggest and creepiest content pack to date. The Stars Are Left will pit up the four wizards against a horror-mystery adventure campaign inspired by the popular Cthulhu Mythos; featuring several terrifying new enemies, bosses awakened from the depths of insanity, and several other miscellaneous Miskatonic minions. And there'll also be a MineCraft parody.

The Stars Are Left is scheduled for a "winter" launch, and we have more details and a trailer after the break.

In an act described by industry colleagues as “more insane than a black goat with a thousand young,” Magicka: The Stars are Left will be available not only to players who purchase the expansion, but to all of their friends, as well. So long as the host player in a co-op group owns the content, every one of their co-wizards will be able to co-experience the mind-killing terror of the new expansion.

Here's the feature set, direct from Paradox themselves:

  • An all-new adventure, several levels long, allowing players to get lost in space and time
  • 2 new challenge maps
  • 2 new robes
  • 2 new bosses
  • 5 new achievements
  • 7 new enemies
  • Considerably more than 2 new items and Magicks
  • Also, we make fun of Minecraft this time


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