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Magicka: Vietnam Launches In "About A Month"

Jonathan Lester
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Bonkers Expansion Offers "Rock Music And Cool Explosions"

Arrowhead Game Studios has announced that their insane and entirely unexpected expansion pack to emergent cult (if buggy) hit Magicka may release next month. Magicka Vietnam will take our four inept wizards to the steamy booby-trapped jungles, where their magical abilities will compliment good old fashioned firepower. We've got the full details below.

Rock music and cool explosions. Yeah. We can dig it.

Magicka Vietnam will take place - as you've probably worked out - in the murky jungles of the Vietnam War. New period armaments will allow players to take the battle to the VC forces with boomsticks, airstrikes and other classic military trappings as well as their spells. Missions will ape actual military operations including rescuing prisoners of war from internment camps and blowing up ordnance dumps.

Oh, and we'll apparently never find out how the mages got there in the first place. It's all part of the joke.

Speaking to Joystiq, Arrowhead Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt suggests that the expansion is set for release "in about a month," and will deliver a humorous experience whilst doing its best to ignore the horrors of war.

Obviously, we have to focus purely on the fun aspects of the Vietnam War: rock music and cool explosions. The actual Vietnam War was a horrible war.

Something that people do wrong in comedy is that they go overboard in every single way. It's like riding a rollercoaster and it's always on the highest level. It's going to get boring.

Pilestedt also assures us that the expansion will undergo rigorous quality assurance before release, which contrasts with the truly horrendous technical problems that were rampant in the original release. Most of these problems have now been patched out, but we're hoping for smooth sailing this time around.

Put simply, Magicka Vietnam is shaping up to be Cannon Fodder with mages and buckets of comedy. Outstanding.

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