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Magna Carta II £8.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Magna Carta II £8.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Games]

Magna Carta II may be a generic little Japanese grinder, but at least it's fairly cheap. ShopTo are currently retailing for £8.85, which will save you £11 compared to MyMemory. This will bag you a decent amount of game- though there's some fairly stiff competition on the Xbox 360 these days!

Welcome to Magna Carta II, the epic RPG chronicling King John's surrender of power to the barons! Experience the thrill of scroll signing and ink dipping in full HD! [Shut up- Ed]

Idiotic jokes aside (apologies), Magna Carta II is a delivers exactly what you'd expect from a JRPG. Exactly what you'd expect. A teenage amnesiac protagonist with an amazing power locked away inside himself, a civil war conspiracy, repetitive fetch quests and worryingly young girls with staggeringly... artisitic proportions await you in this generic little title.

Which isn't to say that Magna Carta II doesn't have its moments. Whilst a constant sense of deja vu clings to every moment of this game, the combat system is very impressive. Fighting takes place in real time- and on the same exploration field with negates the need for aggravating loading screens and random battles. Intuitive one-button combos and slick graphics make for ... which is a good thing, because you'll have to undertake a lot of grinding to keep ahead of the ludicrous level curve. I personally enjoy power levelling and grinding in JRPGs, but it certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea.

Magna Carta II is painfully generic, massively cliched and utterly unsurprising- in fact, you'll be able to guess almost every plot point (including the obvious twist) long before it happens. On the other hand, £8.85 buys you a lot of time consuming grind and shiny combat.

Thanks to whizzkid at Hot UK Deals

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