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Major Battlefield 3 Client Patch Now Live

Jonathan Lester
Battlefield 3, DICE, EA, Patch

Major Battlefield 3 Client Patch Now Live

As promised, EA has rolled out a massive client update for Battlefield 3 on PC, with console versions incoming just as soon as they clear certification with Microsoft and Sony. Joining squads will now be much easier, loading times will be faster and support for unranked customisable servers has been improved.

We've got the full patch notes after the break.

Visuals, Stability and Performance Fixes:

  • General performance and loading time improvements
  • "Black Screen" fix for an issue occurring on some PC Configurations
  • Stereo and Rendering Support for Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards
  • Adjusted the "stuttering" encountered on some PC configurations.
  • Fixed several Crashes when joining MP and Co-Op sessions
  • Fixed multiple problems when using multiple monitors (Eyefinity / Surround).
  • Fixed visual corruption issues on certain Nvidia Cards
  • Improved loading times for certain textures
  • Added console command "GameTime.MaxVariableFps" to limit max FPS
  • Added console command "UI.DrawEnable" to hide UI for screenshots / videos
  • Play in standard definition
  • Play in high definition

Server Update Highlights

  • EOD Bot exploit fix
  • Several crash fixes
  • Anti-stat padding measures taken, disallowing ranked servers to run obscure settings
  • Improved team kill kick configuration
  • Support for unranked servers. Unranked servers do not report players' scores to Battlelog, but server administrators can freely control all settings
  • Share your profile and stats with new Battlelog functionality
  • Ability to share your Profile and Stats pages to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter
  • User Profile and Stats pages on Battlelog can now be accessed without being signed in to Battlelog if you know a user's URL
  • Single sign on from Battlelog to Origin. If you're not logged in to Origin and join a game server, Battlelog will automatically sign you in to Origin in the background and join the game server

Squad changes in the Nov 22 update

  • Removed FIND ME A SQUAD option
  • Allow players to join empty Squads alone, thus having 1/4 squad members
  • Change order of options to LEAVE SQUAD, INV A FRIEND, SWITCH TEAM
  • Disable Privacy flag when 1 man squad
  • Reset Privacy flag from Private to Public when squad drops to 1 player
  • All occupied Squads will now show up colored blue on the Squad Selection screen
  • Players who choose not to join squads will also show up as Blue in the "Not in a Squad" line
  • Squads that are currently empty will display as white - if you wish to join an empty Squad, you can choose the first one marked with white text
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DivideByZero  Nov. 22, 2011 at 11:33

"Stereo and Rendering Support for Nvidia" Win. The GFX in this are arguably the best ever seen. Will be great to see them in 3D. Looks like I know what I am doing tonight now!

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