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Major World Of Tanks Update Rolls Out Tomorrow

Jonathan Lester
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World Of Tanks | PC

Major World Of Tanks Update Rolls Out Tomorrow

Wargaming.net has dropped us a line to let us know that World Of Tanks version 6.5 will be rolling out tomorrow. This latest revision of their innovative freemium MMO will deploy some new tanks, maps and balance tweaks onto the battlefield - and we have the full story, a new trailer and abridged changelog below.

World Of Tanks v.6.5 will be going live tomorrow (June 30th), featuring the following additions:

  • Two New Maps. Redshire represents a traditional British settlement (complete with plenty of structures to hide behind), whilst Arctic Region will be the first dedicated winter warfare map.
  • Tank Destroyers. Update 6.5 will mark the first appearance of the Tank Destroyers line, including the T95 "Superheavy Monster." Awesome.
  • Two new premium units. The the American M22 Locust and the Russian T-127 light tanks will be introduced for premium subscribers.
  • M26 Revision. The M26 Pershing will be replaced with the M46 Patton, marking the first step in a global tech tree revision.

Wargaming.net suggests that more tank destroyers and tactical improvements will follow in future updates.

We constantly keep polishing the game balance, and updating World of Tanks to 6.5 is yet another important step in this direction. That's just the first of the two American TDs branches we'll be implementing, so we will bring even more strategic satisfaction to our players in the nearest future. - Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi

Here's the trailer - and we'll keep you posted.

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