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NEW MAP! Destiny PS4 Beta Gameplay | PvP Control on "Shores of Time" - Maat Mons, Venus

Matt Gardner
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The "Shores of Time" Maat Mons Venus map added to the Crucible matches for the Destiny beta offers up a fresh slice of PvP action. The only mode available is still Control, where players vie for domination across three capture points, but what's interesting about Maat Mons is its size. Unlike the Moon map, Maat Mons is tightly packed, with all three control points very close together, much like Rusted Lands. All three points have two main routes in and out, creating a triangle that keeps players moving, and the flow of battle constantly changing.

It's a map that's perhaps a little unkind to Warlocks, mind, as you'll see in the first few seconds of the video above where Brendan and I help Bravo squad crush the opposition, after I throw myself to my death for science.

Definitely for science.

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Alar  Jul. 21, 2014 at 18:45


Any chance your going to give the other console versions of the Beta a go or is it only PS4 you'll be covering?

Also any recomendations about the regular vs limited edition version, I know you're not normally a fan of pre buying dlc but have bungie persuaded you otherwise?

Noticed there are 17 codes on IGN at the moment anyone can enter to their Bungie account to get unspecified little extras when the game releases, that might be worth a look to some people

MattGardner  Jul. 21, 2014 at 22:20

It'll probably just be PS4 in all honesty. If we can snaffle last-gen code (probably X360) we'll look to do a generational comparison, but otherwise it'll be pretty much just PS4 I'm afraid.

I can't really tell you what to go for regarding the Ltd Edition either, sorry! I'd always advise against Season Passes because even the best games can have rubbish DLC.

Pre-ordering in this case is a different matter, though. The Vanguard Armoury will be exclusive for a whole year (Bungie have said until "Fall 2015") giving players access to the following:

-Singularity S.3 -- Scout Rifle
-13098V Incognito -- Sniper Rifle
-Harbinger -- Rocket Launcher
-Carte Blanche S.1 -- Auto Rifle
-SG-Scattercast -- Shotgun
-SK5 Type-Null -- Fusion Rifle
-Peccadillo's Grace -- Hand Cannon
-BTRD-345 -- Machine Gun
-Trifecta S.2 -- Pulse Rifle
-Stratus White helmet
-Chroma White helmet
-Agema White helmet

Now, it's impossible to verify the efficacy of these items and tell how good they'll be, but there's less risk, particularly if you're planning on picking the game up on Day 1 anyway. Thanks to the Alpha and Beta, though, Bungie have really given players an opportunity to make informed pre-ordering decisions.

I have.

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