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Mario Kart (Nintendo 3DS)

Mario Kart 7 | £24.99 | Sainsbury's Entertainment | 3DS

Jonathan Lester
3DS Games, Mario Kart 7, Nintendo, Racing Games
Mario Kart (Nintendo 3DS) | Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart 7 | £24.99 | Sainsbury's Entertainment | 3DS

Sainsbury's Entertainment hasn't managed to match Comet's epic (very short-lived) £19.99 deal, but they are willing to save you a few quid on the next cheapest retailer. I'm sure I don't need to explain the Mario Kart concept to you: suffice to say that this latest version contains the same arcade brilliance we love from the franchise and adds some nifty new elements such as the new glider wings. A good price for a great game.