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Mario and Luigi RPG 3: Bowser's Inside Story £20.99 @ My Memory [DS Games]

Lydia Low
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Mario and Luigi RPG 3: Bowser's Inside Story £20.99 @ My Memory [DS Games]

I recently wrote about Gameplay offering the new Mario & Luigi RPG game for just £22.99, but now My Memory have gone one better and pre-ordering Bowser's Inside Story with them will set you back just £20.99. If you preordered it following my last post then I can only humbly apologise! I would be very surprised if it came down in price again with this being such a rock bottom bargain and only a week to go before release.

This super sounding game in Mario's fantastic RPG series, finally allows Bowser a turn in the spotlight as he guzzles the magic mushrooms which cause Luigi and Mario to be super-shrunk and stuck inside his belly and tries desperately to reclaim his castle from the dastardly Fawful. Play switches between playing the big beast himself and taking control of Mario & Luigi as they make their way through his insides.

Just the fact that you get to take on the role of the big, silly and naughty oaf is enough to get me super excited for this game but there's plenty more to recommend it besides. Bowser's Inside Story has received awesome reviews all round and this is no wonder as it sounds fantastic! The usual intelligence and wit of Mario is ramped up to eleven and the script and dialogue have received the highest of praise. The game is true to the formula of the series but also offers something new and fresh in the form of the new moves that come with controlling Bowser. The game offers mini games aplenty, epic battles and a whole lot of silly fun.

Thanks to joewarne at Hotukdeals!

Mario and Luigi RPG 3: Bowser's Inside Story £20.99 @ My Memory [DS Games]

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Andy  Oct. 3, 2009 at 19:54

Just tried to pre-order this and its coming up saying they have none left in stock?


Lydia Low  Oct. 4, 2009 at 00:00

Hmm, that IS curious.


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