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Mario and Luigi RPG 3: Bowser's Inside Story £22.99 @ Gameplay [DS Games]

Lydia Low
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Mario and Luigi RPG 3: Bowser's Inside Story £22.99 @ Gameplay [DS Games]

This is one game that I absolutely cannot wait for (which is unfortunate because I am going to have to) and having seen the rapturous reception it has received elsewhere in the world has only added to my impatience. Now, seeing the preorder deals roll in, I'm practically being pushed out the door by the ants in my pants.

Gameplay currently seem to be leading the race with a grand asking price of just £22.99 for a game that I just know is going to be amazing that sounds pretty good to me!

Finally the big spiky ginger tortoise gets his chance to shine in the latest part of the Mario and Luigi RPG series. The story seems to revolve around Bowser gaining magical powers from eating a magic mushroom which cause him to breathe in a whole host of shrunken characters from the mushroom kingdom. Action takes place both inside Bowser with the player taking on the role of the trapped Mario and Luigi and out in the wide world where Bowser is chasing the wicked Fawful, who has returned from previous instalments of the series and taken over the castle.

The worst review I have seen this receive so far is a very respectable 8.75 out of 10 with about 80% of critics giving the game scores of 9 or above. It has been garnering praise in particular for its hilarious and very silly script, OTT battles, lovely presentation and overall high quality and lavish attention to detail.

Waaaa, I want it now!

Thanks to acefoo @ Hotukdeals!

Mario and Luigi RPG 3: Bowser's Inside Story £22.99 @ Gameplay [DS Games]

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