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Mario Power Tennis (New Play Control!) £4.99 @ Play [Wii Game]

Felix Kemp
Mario, Sports Games, Wii games

Mario Power Tennis (New Play Control!) £4.99 @ Play [Wii Game]

For fans of Wii Tennis who've always wanted to see Nintendo's portly plummer waddle out onto Centre Court, fret no longer as Mario Power Tennis on the Wii can be bought from Play for only £4.99!

Shot through a price-comparison, Play's offer for Mario Power Tennis on the Wii rebounded as the cheapest deal available, with free delivery, too! The Power Tennis series enjoyed a lot of success on the Gamecube, although its eventual porting to the Wii yielded less effusive results. Averaging a mediocre 65/100 on MetaCritic, critics cited the clumsy controls and less than stellar graphics as their main points of concern, although Game Informer did award it with 93/100.

Mario Power Tennis is another in the long line of Mario-themed spin-offs with a sports' twist. Purely an arcade game, Power Tennis eschews the realism of Top Spin and focuses on wild, outlandish moves for its broad roster of Nintendo favourites, from heavyweights like Donkey Kong and Bowser, to the lighter but faster Princess Peach and Shy Guy. Players build up energy to perform suitably crazy moves, such as summoning a tornado which instantly deflects your opponents shot, no matter how hard or precise it may be.

The Wii version of Mario Power Tennis updates the gameplay to co-exist with the Wii Remotes motion-sensing. The game translates every flick of the wrist into an on-screen action, although it isn't as responsive nor precise as you'd like. However, it's a fun detour from the grim war-games of the Xbox and Playstation, and for anyone who enjoyed Wii Tennis, it's a vast improvement and fun for the whole family to enjoy.Mario Power Tennis (New Play Control!) £4.99 @ Play [Wii Game]

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Emma Kelly  Jul. 1, 2009 at 15:30

Oh noes! I'm trying to make my order now, but it seems to go up to £24.99 when you put it in your basket and go through checkout. That was a short lived deal!

Emma Kelly  Jul. 3, 2009 at 19:58

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