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Marty O'Donnell: Activision Committed To Bungie's Self-Sufficiency

Matt Gardner
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Marty O'Donnell: Activision Committed To Bungie's Self-Sufficiency

There were always going to be fears of heavy-handed deadlines, pressure-cooker environments and publisher interference when Bungie jumped ship out from under Microsoft's umbrella and ran into Activision's open arms, but the studio's composer, Marty O'Donnell, had only soothing words of encouragement and support for Bungie's new partner in an interview with Industry Gamers.

'Not only were we excited about the contract that we were able to get with Activision but they seem really committed to being hands-off,' said the man behind Halo's pulsating, epic scores.

'They really seem committed to agreeing that they are the publishers and they need to support in all the ways publishers support [titles] and they were looking for developers that were completely self-sufficient essentially - except maybe we need some money once in a while - but self-sufficient in terms of not needing to depend on them for production or development or some of these other things. They want a team that has a proven track record - a team that can go out and get it done. And so the hands-off nature of it is really appealing to us. Right now, maybe this is the honeymoon period, but it seems like the right thing for us at this time.'

Exactly eleven months ago, Bungie and Activision announced a ten-year publishing partnership for the former's new IP, a move that came just as the 'Wempella' furore over Infinity Ward had hit its peak.

'What's most important to Bungie is that we have the 10-year deal; because we had worked for a decade on a really big project and we said, "All right. Our goal is to do another decade long thing. We think that's what we can do." Basically we shopped that idea around and said,"'Hey, which publisher wants to partner with us on this?",' O'Donnell added.

'How many publishers are out there that could even do a deal with Bungie for a decade? You could probably list them on one hand. Certainly Microsoft was one of them, EA was one of them, but you could think of the ones that could actually do this thing.'

Little is known for certain about Bungie's next game, although there've been one or two joking rumours pointing towards a first-person MMO. We'll just have to wait and see.

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