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Mass Effect 2 | £11.99 | Play | PC

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 2 | PC

Mass Effect 2 | £11.99 | Play | PC

The definitive Mass Effect 2 experience is due on PS3 very soon, but probably for usual release day price. £40, or so. If that puts you off, and you have a capable rig sitting snug under your desk, then the PC version of Mass Effect 2 is now just £11.99 at Play. Edging ever closer to a sub-tenner price, Mass Effect 2 is perhaps the finest RPG this generation. Commander Shepherd is back, brought back from the dead by the clandestine organization, Cerberus, to investigate the reappearance of the elusive Collectors, and whether their arrival has anything to do with the Reaper threat. It's fantastic stuff, with Bioware in top form. This would make a great Christmas present, me thinks.

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George  Dec. 21, 2010 at 12:54

Or £9.99 at GamePlay



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