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Mass Effect 2 £13 @ Coolshop [PC games]

Tom Silkstone
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Mass Effect 2 | PC

Mass Effect 2 £13 @ Coolshop [PC games]

Once again, Commander Shepard faces the threat of the reapers and reluctantly accepts the help of  Cerberus, in order to prevent the galaxy from being destroyed.

If I didn't already own a copy of Mass Effect 2, I'd be swiftly logging onto my computer to pick one up from Coolshop for £13, which is almost £3 cheaper than the next best offer of £15.85 from ShopTo.

Mass Effect 2 is almost a perfect sequel, eliminating the failings of the original whilst building on its successes. Once again, the story is the game's crowning achievement, and can easily be enjoyed for up to 40hrs before you reach the end. Your character from ME1 can be imported into ME2, as a result every decision you made in the previous game will have an impact on the storyline.

I enjoyed seeing some of Shepard's original crew members rejoin the current crew, however the new characters are just as intriguing and charismatic, as are the numerous new species that have been seamlessly integrated into the universe.

At times the missions can feel a tiny bit similar, working on standard find this, kill that, destroy these objectives. However, I managed to easily look past this, thanks to the strikingly vibrant and unique worlds over which the game takes place.

The combat has been vastly improved, and you can now map your character's powers to specific buttons, which allows battles to remain largely uninterrupted by the power wheel. The team can be given specific orders during firefights, however I found that the AI managed to handle itself quite well without my help, which was incredibly useful as you don't have to constantly worry about where your team mates are and whether or not they're going to be able to successfully navigate their way around the environment.

Now, whilst a lot of the creases from the original have been smoothed over, a few still remain. You can now probe planets for resources instead of scouting out their surfaces using the Mako. However, the sheer number of planets coupled with the length of scanning, despite being quicker, is still slow enough that it rapidly becomes tedious.

My advice to anybody still sitting on the fence is to run out and grab a copy  because you won't be disappointed and this is an amazing deal that consists of a fantastic price and an outstanding game.

Thanks to emmajk42 @ HUKD

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