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Mass Effect 2 | £13.31 | Amazon | PC

Lydia Low
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Mass Effect 2 | PC

Mass Effect 2 | £13.31 | Amazon | PC

How do I love thee Mass Effect 2? Let me count the ways... Actually, I had better not or this will be an absurdly long article. But, suffice to say, with their follow up to the awesome Mass Effect, Bioware have produced another absolute corker. The combat has had a massive overhaul and now feels far more realistic and satisfying but unfortunately the questing around in the (admittedly incredibly flawed) Mako has been replaced with an impressively tedious mining mini game that might just give you RSI if you dedicate yourself to it fully. The story, script, and dynamic, memorable characters really give Mass Effect 2 a quality above and beyond the vast majority of games, ensuring that you'll want to come back to it to try a different style of interaction. And if you have a penchant for pixellated posteriors, then boy is ME2 the game for you!

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