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Mass Effect 2 £16.15 @ Tesco Entertainment [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Mass Effect 2 | Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2 £16.15 @ Tesco Entertainment [XBox 360 Games]

The excellent sequel to Bioware's Mass Effect is an absolute must have game and there's really no excuse now that it's getting easier and easier to nab a copy for less than £20.

Tesco currently have it listed for £19 but if you make use of the very handy voucher code that has been doing the rounds for the last month, then it can be yours for just over £16. This undercuts the next best price of £24.85 from Shop To by more than £8!

To cut the price down to £16.15, you will need to add the voucher code that is probably burned behind your eyelids now: FTSL15-1 (it's worth remembering that this does appear to be a one time only code though!)

Shephard's continuing adventures in the fight against the reapers is a genuinely thrilling, cinematic epic filled with moments that surprise and delight.

There's been a whole laundry list of improvements made to the formula of its predecessor, most notably in the combat. There is a new sense of robust power when you take weapon in hand; guns now feel like real artillery rather than toys and cooling "heat sink clips" (read: ammo) take the place of the bemoaned overheating mechanic of the original. Powers, too, feel more accessible and tangible and launching biotics at enemies or watching them fly around the battlefield is a constant joy.

Of course, Mass Effect 2 is not without its flaws; I, for one, would much rather bumble around on the much maligned Mako, exploring intriguing, off-the-beaten-track planets than suffer chronic finger ache courtesy of the mind-numbing mining mini game. The cover system can sometimes fail which is incredibly frustrating when you are under heavy fire. And surely even the most testosterone filled pubescent boy might tire of the way that the camera constantly focuses on Miranda's, admittedly shapely, posterior, while important events are consigned to the background.

The larger character roster means that, while most more than live up to Bioware's usual excellent standard for characterisation, there are one or two duds; new krogan Grunt has none of the complexity of previous shipmate Wrex while human crew member Jacob is nice enough but oh-so dull. However this is more than made up for by the awesomeness of dignified but kick-ass asari justicar Samara, incredibly entertaining scientist salarian Mordin and my beloved damaged drell assassin Thane who has successfully ruined human men for me entirely. Furthermore as you explore the beautiful universe that Mass Effect lays at your feet, you will come across a vast array of NPCs to interact with or just eavesdrop on—these exchanges are sometimes poignant, often hilarious, but always worth taking the time to listen to.

It's the way that the game is filled to bursting with characters that I wish were my friends (but thank god are not my enemies!) which propels it beyond the reaches of the Excellent Games category and well into the upper echelons of Something Special.

Thanks to dpb_69 at Hotukdeals!

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Master Pei  May. 22, 2010 at 01:51

"Thane [...] has successfully ruined human men for me entirely."

This is truly one of the best Mass Effect 2 reviews I've seen or read! And though I don't share your enthusiasm for the Mako (sorry, its physics just don't do it for me), I have to agree that the mining mini game is tedious to say the least. But I heard there's some update that makes it quicker. I'll have to play again to see if it's so -- not that I wouldn't have played again, in any case.


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