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Mass Effect 2 £19.99 @ The Game Collection [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Mass Effect | PC

Mass Effect 2 £19.99 @ The Game Collection [PC Games]

I'm going to make no bones about it, I am a massive BioWare junkie. The original Mass Effect has been one of my favourite games of the past decade and I was ridiculously excited when news broke that it'd be just part one of an eventual trilogy. Well, part deux is with us, and it's spectacularly good. BioWare, much like Ubisoft did with their Assassin's Creed sequel, have gone back, listened to the fans and tweaked every part of this space opera for a much more muscular, bigger, badder second outing.

If you're a PC owner and fancy saving the galaxy, you'll be pleased to know that you can pick up a copy of the game for under £20 from The Game Collection, which is pretty fantastic considering that the game has been out for less than two weeks. If you do decide to take advantage of this deal, you'll be saving yourself a good £3.50 on the nearest competitor over at Coolshop.

You can read a full appraisal of the game and see whether or not its lived up to expectations right here, but the short version is positive indeed. BioWare have streamlined the whole Mass Effect experience, distilling the essence of what made the first game so good, and beefing it up with much better support. Gone are the frankly awful Mako sections of the game,along with the cookie-cutter side missions. Now all of the side quest boast unique layouts, and indeed the entire game's design has been shuffled to provide more opportunities to use the much improved cover system.

Some of the RPG elements have been dialled down a bit, and some more customisation options would have been nice. The mining mini-game quickly becomes the bane of your virtual galactic existence, and you'll have to do it a lot, but thankfully there are plenty of colourful missions to make sure that you never really need to spend too much time probing away at planets for minerals and resources.

The bottom line, though, is that this is an absolute stormer of a game. It's early days, but I'm pretty sure that come December, this will be in my top three games of 2010, if not sitting pretty right at the top.

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