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Mass Effect 2 £22.99 @ TheGameCollection [PC Games]

Neil Mohr
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Mass Effect | PC

Mass Effect 2 £22.99 @ TheGameCollection [PC Games]

It’s time to get your injection of serious Sci-Fi gaming entertainment. Mass Effect 2 promised to be everything the first game was, but done bigger and better. If Metacritic is anything to go by, it certainly doesn’t disappoint with a current massive score of 95%. So now’s your chance to snatch this game for £22.99, that’s including delivery from TheGameCollection. At that price it’s undercutting Coolshop by 50p and big-name Amazon by £4!

No one should be worrying about splashing out for the full price of Mass Effect 2, we’re still plugging away after a good twenty hours of some of the most enjoyable story-based PC gameplay we’ve experienced, and the end is still nowhere in sight. The presentation is utterly absorbing, drawing you into the Mass Effect universe perfectly with sumptuous graphics from the characters to the environments. The occasional lower-res backdrop does detract but the main scenery is perfect.

As you get deeper into the game following individual character story lines, fresh new styles of gameplay creep in, ensuring you don’t get too bored with what could be repetitive duck-and-cover tactics. From spooky abandoned research bases to fog-drenched alien worlds, which have you navigating by beacons, the environments stay varied. And just when you think it might be dragging the main arc storyline kicks back in.

The illusion isn’t always perfect, when one of the characters' personal storylines is on hold – as the game is waiting for you to act on their last request - you’re usually dismissed from conversation with a terse “I’m busy” or “Later on Shepard”, but this hardly distracts from the engrossing storyline, making it a must have game for 2010.

Thanks to ant eg on Hotukdeals!

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