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Mass Effect 2 £9.98 @ Currys [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone

Mass Effect 2 £9.98 @ Currys [Xbox 360 Games]

Lazily drifting around the expanses of space without a care in the world can be thoroughly boring, so it's a good job that this deal'll let you jump back into Commander Shepard's shoes to round up another team with the intention of smashing the Reaper threat once again.

You can pick up a copy of the game on the 360 for £9.98 from Currys, which is a great price for what has to be one of the best games of the year as well as being an outstanding sequel, and'll  save you over £2.50 on the next best offer of £12.75 coming in from Tesco Entertainment. Unfortunately though, Currys aren't delivering at the moment, so you'll have to reserve a copy at your local store to collect later.

The game's set a couple of years after the original and Shepard's original team has more or less disbanded for one reason or another, and in the rise of another attack by the Reapers Shepard has to form a reluctant alliance with the Cerberus organisation in order to quickly assemble a team of specialists from around the universe in order to preserve life as we know it.

One of my favourite aspects to Mass Effect 2 is the ability to import your character from the previous game, which means that all the time you spent trying to bring down Seran was well worth the effort. If you choose to resurrect one of your old characters then most of the key decisions that you made during the course of Mass Effect, and some of the smaller ones as well, will have an impact on some of the story threads that are present in the sequel.

In this outing there are more worlds to explore, more races to encounter, as well as a few extra environments to potter about in when you revisit areas that were present in the original game. Normally the introduction of new surroundings and characters would detract your attention from things that were previously established, but in Mass Effect 2's case I think they add something positive to the experience.

The combat has received a pretty good overhaul and the control you have over the team and your abilities is vastly improved, allowing you to run around the firefights without having to constantly bring up the power wheel or worrying about whether or not your team mates are being slaughtered by the enemy.

There are still a couple of creases in the game however and the biggest one has to be the planetary scanner, which has replaced the Mako for collecting the resources that you need for upgrades. Whilst it's certainly quicker than rambling around the surface of a planet in the hardened little tank, there are so many planet in the game to scan that it quickly becomes tedious.

This is a game that you should definitely pick up if you've got the time to invest in it because it'll reward you with a thoroughly enjoyable tale and some epic gameplay.

Thanks to yer_gaffer @ HUKD

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