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From Mass Effect 2 to the Death of Consoles - News Roundup 17th December

Marius Goubert
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Mass Effect

In today’s news roundup the ERSB sum up why they gave Mass Effect 2 an M classification (and inadvertently make the game sound great). Activision try and drum up some enthusiasm for their new transformers title. And lastly, Yoichi Wada from Square Enix goes off on one and says why it won’t be long before all consoles are dead and buried.

ESRB outs Mass Effect 2 mature content

From Mass Effect 2 to the Death of Consoles - News Roundup 17th December

The American ERSB (Entertainment Software rating Board) have just released a summery justifying their reasons for issuing Mass Effect 2 with a mature rating. Anyone who’s played the first edition will be pleased to learn that the sequel – out on PC and Xbox 360 in February 2010 – still contains plenty of gore, with enemies emitting ‘large splashes of blood when shot (especially in the head).’ You’ll also be treated to henchmen ‘freezing and shattering enemies’ and cut scenes depicting ‘dramatic interrogations in which human characters are threatened, punched, kicked, and shot (in the leg) by alien creatures.’

However, none of these issues worried our prudish transatlantic cousins quite as much as the game’s portrayal of sexual liaisons between human and alien characters. "Clothed alien/human characters may prop a partner on top of a space console, clear away the clutter from a bed-slab, unzip a future-blouse, or just talk it out," stated the ERSB summery. They added however, ‘though an alien/human may gyrate her hips while on top (fleeting - one-to-two seconds), actual sex is never depicted - the camera cuts away to space furniture and ceilings." On top of all that there’s pole dancing, ‘suggestive comments’ and loads of drug taking which, I know, all sounds great doesn’t it? [GamerRSS]

Activision unveils new Transformers game

From Mass Effect 2 to the Death of Consoles - News Roundup 17th December

Although Activision has announced that another one of those Transformer games is currently in development, you could be forgiven for not getting overly excited given the dismal quality of the last two efforts. This time round it’s going to be Transformers: War for Cybertron which is set on the transformers home planet. But with Earth no longer in the picture are Activision really intending to make a transformers game where there are no cities to stomp around in, and no Earth vehicles? It’s already sounding dubious.

However Aaron Archer from Hasbo insists that with Hasbo working alongside Activision they will be able ‘to drive the Transformers fiction forward into new story arcs, demonstrating pivotal moments in Transformers history that defined who they are. This remarkable video game helps us to tell a critical event in Transformers lore that will be used as canon for future storylines in a way we could have only dreamed of a few years ago.’ [Eurogamer]

Wada predicts all consoles will die

From Mass Effect 2 to the Death of Consoles - News Roundup 17th December

Yoichi Wada from Square Enix predicts that sometime in the next decade console platforms will decline and disappear forever. Wada told Developer that "In the past the platform was hardware, but that switched to the network. So a time will come when the hardware isn't even needed any more, because the true strength of the Xbox 360 is Xbox Live.

 He added, 'If we take a look at the PS3 we can see that it is like a home server in a sense - the Cell chip is well matched to the parallel processing we use on server-based games." So could this mean that one day we'll see Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all coming together to publish games on one unified piece of hardware? Yeah right… [DigitalSpy]

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EndlessWaves  Dec. 17, 2009 at 22:05

Of course consoles will die, they're only a temporary convenience while game hardware is advancing so quickly. Ultimately everything will have a shared architecture (i.e. will be a PC). I'm not convinced about network gaming though, it seems all disadvantage and no advantage for the gamer.

EndlessWaves  Dec. 17, 2009 at 22:07

Oh, and 'new story arcs' for transformers games? Go back to publishing comics and making movies, if you want to make games then learn to put the gameplay first.

A Chilli Mondo  Dec. 18, 2009 at 19:08

Never going to happen, simply because the major manufacturers have a different idea about what gaming "is". Long may this continue, however nice it would be to only need one piece of hardware.


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