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From Mass Effect 2 Double Discs To Completing World of WarCraft: News Roundup December 4th

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Mass Effect

Today’s news roundup sees Mass Effect 2 span two discs due to the sheer size of the adventure, while Mirror's Edge 2 is considered for either a FPS or puzzler approach, and a Taiwanese man does the impossible and ‘finishes’ World of WarCraft.

Mass Effect 2 Spanning Two Discs

From Mass Effect 2 Double Discs To Completing World of WarCraft: News Roundup December 4th

Mass Effect 2 is set to be one of next year’s biggest games, and not just in terms of hype.  Apparently the adventure will be so huge; two discs are needed to fit the whole thing in.  Community coordinator Chris Priestly revealed this info on the BioWare forums, confirming it will arrive on two discs on both the PC and Xbox 360.  Although he does point out the PC version can install both discs at the beginning, allowing the adventure to be played off a single disc.

The 360 version isn’t so fortunate however, with a disc swap needed halfway through the game, with Priestly promising “it occurs at a carefully planned place in the game (that does not interfere with gameplay) and is done once. You do not swap back and forth. 1 swap and then done.”  No big deal really, when you consider games like Final Fantasy IX on the PS1 required four separate discs.  Although it does suggest we will see a lot more games in the future arriving on mulitple discs, with Final Fantasy XIII released in March 2010 possibly spanning three discs.  [1UP]

Mirror's Edge 2 to be Shooter or Puzzler?

From Mass Effect 2 Double Discs To Completing World of WarCraft: News Roundup December 4th

Mirror’s Edge hardly set the world alight, but was still a relatively interesting idea, perhaps just implemented rather poorly.  EA CEO John Riccitiello still believes the game deserves a sequel, despite EA’s newfound (or re-found) focus on developed and therefore money-making IPs.  While he does praise the originals “fascinatingly original world” and “fascinatingly original art direction”, he does recognise the game has its flaws.  According to Riccitiello he has had several ‘lively’ debates with the developer regarding the future of the project.

He hints at the possibility of the game adopting a FPS approach, referring to the highly successful FPS market existing today.  At the same time he suggests focusing more on the original aspect of the game, emphasizing “the smooth play and puzzles and move it toward, if you will, a Portal.”  The sequel is currently in the works, so keep an eye out for new details emerging in the next few months revealing the direction they’ve taken.  [Kotaku]

Taiwanese Man ‘Completes’ World of WarCraft

From Mass Effect 2 Double Discs To Completing World of WarCraft: News Roundup December 4th

Despite all the hours gamers have invested into World of WarCraft, no-one has officially ‘completed’ the game.  Of course this is quite a contradiction, as the game cannot actually be finished.  By complete we mean collect every single achievement available in the game, pretty much the closest you’ll ever get to claiming you’ve beaten the game.

Well, a Taiwanese man has apparently achieved this, completing the maximum 986 achievements currently available in the game.  Further inspection however reveals a controversial glitch, adding an extra, yet false, achievement point.  The man is still missing the BB King event-tied achievement, but still, a fantastic accomplishment nonetheless.  [CVG]

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Gunn  Dec. 4, 2009 at 21:56

Disc swapping should be a thing of the past not the future, MS did not think long term!

Jigger Jay  Dec. 4, 2009 at 23:06

Oh noes disc swapping, it's the end of the world! I'll have to get up and change a disc every 20 hours of gameplay!

quite a few RPG's are disc swappers, look at Lost Oddyssy and the last remnant.

this means they dont have to compress all the data down to fit on one disc possibly comprimising on quality, ala Dragon Age

Gunn  Dec. 5, 2009 at 17:03

I think you have supported my point, it means that the format is not suitable for the data requirements of games.
Surely for developers its less work to put the game on a single disc and for publishers there is a saving in terms of weight and cost of production.

As you say 2 discs is probably acceptible if its a once only swap but if it becomes 3 or 4 then I say its too much.

EndlessWaves  Dec. 5, 2009 at 23:23

*points and laughs at the console gamers*

I just hope EA make online authentication an option for the boxed version of ME2, I was disappointed in having to buy a digital version of DA to get a sensible copy protection mechanism.

As for mid-game disk swapping I wonder if this means Bioware is stringing the game out more instead of making most of it available near the start. If so then I thoroughly approve, the other way doesn't allow for big plot twists.


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