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Mass Effect 2 Interactive Comic Hits Xbox Live...

Jonathan Lester
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Mass Effect 2

... For 320 Microsoft Points

Mass Effect 2 Interactive Comic Hits Xbox Live...

The PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 shipped with an interactive comic that allowed players to experience the story of the original Mass Effect and create a save file based on their choices. EA and BioWare have now released Mass Effect: Genesis as an expansion pack for ME2 on Xbox Live... but rather than a free extra, it will set you back 320 Microsoft Points.

Speaking as a fan of the franchise, I would absolutely urge you to not download it. The original Mass Effect, despite its flawed combat, provided one of the most powerful and intricate storylines to have ever featured in a game (far surpassing the sequel), and you owe it to yourselves to snag or rent a copy to experience it first hand. Plus, 320 Microsoft Points will snag you 4 Indie games or a full XBLA title during a Deal Of The Week.

You can also get the original Mass Effect for about £4 on PC, which I'd recommend to anyone - PS3 owners included - who happen to own a half-decent rig and fancy playing Mass Effect 2.

Will you be downloading Mass Effect: Genesis? Or is this a case of one DLC pack too far? Let us know (or thoroughly rebuke me for my impertinence) in the comments!

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Jose  May. 18, 2011 at 12:58

I'm sure when the Classics version lands, this will be included on the disc. :)

Steve  May. 18, 2011 at 13:10

Does it have achievements?

Jonathan Lester  May. 18, 2011 at 13:14

Not that I know of.


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