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From Mass Effect 2 Surprises To Rare's Cancelled Natal Plans: News Roundup November 21st

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Mass Effect

In Today’s news roundup BioWare tease a surprise Mass Effect 2 announcement is in store for next week, Mozilla FireFox will not be coming to the PS3 as rumours would appear to suggest, and Rare’s plans for a Natal release are cancelled.

Mass Effect 2 Surprise Announcement Next Week

From Mass Effect 2 Surprises To Rare's Cancelled Natal Plans: News Roundup November 21st

Earlier this week BioWare hinted at big news concerning Dragon Age: Origins, revealed to be additional downloadable content.  Now according to a tweet left by BioWare, Mass Effect 2 is set for a similar announcement.   “Man, so much time tied up today in meetings and 'secret stuff' I didn't get any time with ME2 at all. = (" said BioWare in their Tweet.  “Still with the coming surprise for next week on the ME2 website, I'm sure fans will forgive me for no update.  Did I, Evil Chris Priestly, just drop a hint? Yes. Yes I did.”  With no specifics on exactly what this reveal will be we can only speculate.  But we’ll let you know as soon as we find out more.  [CinemaBlend]

Mozilla FireFox Not Coming To PS3

From Mass Effect 2 Surprises To Rare's Cancelled Natal Plans: News Roundup November 21st

Rumours have been flying about recently, indicating Sony will be bringing Mozilla FireFox to the PS3, due to ongoing problems with their current web browser.  PS3Center decided to find out how much truth these rumours contain, asking Mozilla directly if this was in their plans.  Mozilla replied with a short and simple “Nope - not sure how that rumour got started but it's been keeping us busy all day.

The rumour was fed to the public through an “insider,” who unfortunately has a history of being a little off the mark.  The source previously claimed Sony would be revealing a PSP Go price cut, the PS3 Slim with a price cut on older models, new PSN, and firmware 3.0 at last years GamesCon.  Considering he (or she?) only got two out of four right, s/he makes a rather poor mole.  Especially when everyone on the planet knew of the PS3 Slim a long time before GamesCom.  [PS3Center]

Rare Project Natal Game Cancelled

From Mass Effect 2 Surprises To Rare's Cancelled Natal Plans: News Roundup November 21st

Rare were previously thought to be on track for a brand new game come next November, when Project Natal is rumoured for release.  The aim was to have the product finished in under a year, but now it appears the game is no longer in development, being abandoned altogether.  Given Director Bjorn Toft’s involvement with the game, it was largely believed the game would involve avatars in some way.  The blame is placed on the “changing business environment” for the decision, but some good news has also been revealed.  Toft has revealed Rare have been working on an undisclosed prototype for nearly a year now, although no details whatsoever have emerged to even suggest what this game is.  Hopefully Rare can reveal more soon.  [Split-Screen]

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Bullet  Nov. 21, 2009 at 23:44

I believe rare cancelled a project to work on the natal game, with that now cancelled hopefully they can get back to there original game if its worth doing.

Matt Gardner  Nov. 23, 2009 at 09:46

Part of me thinks Rare should probably just call it a day....or give the people what they really want: Conker in HD.

I'm absurdly excited about Mass Effect 2.....the original is probably my fave game on the 360, in spite of the dubious combat and the bland side quests it's still managed to suck over 100 hours out of me. BioWare again for the win!

Late  Nov. 23, 2009 at 12:48

Couldn't get into Mass Effect, personally. I've just checked - I have only 40 gamerscore on it!

Stu  Nov. 23, 2009 at 16:16

I hear the ME2 surprise it that one of the characters from Dragon Age will be discovered on some planet, will be thawed out of cryogenic statis and that you'll be able to recruit him into your squad.. that's what the general rumour is anyway.

Regardless of that, I can't wait for ME2 to arrive. I still have another 2 playthroughs of ME1 to do and forgot how much I liked it (boring side-quests aside).

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