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Mass Effect 3 | £17 | Amazon / Asda | PC

Carl Phillips
BioWare, EA, PC games, RPGs
Mass Effect 3 | PC

Mass Effect 3 | £17 | Amazon / Asda | PC

PC gamers who missed out on Play’s delightful deal last week need not worry, as both Amazon and Asda have gone 99p lower to make the price a nice even £17. It means the next best offer over at The Hut is nearly a fiver more expensive.

Debatable ending or not, Mass Effect 3 is an excellent game that is an action packed race to stop the Reapers, and anyone who has already played through the first two should definitely finish the tale of Commander Shepard. Along with an entertaining online co-op component, the overall package is worthy of your attention. Thanks to Dreadgunner & danhufc @ HUKD!

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hurrakan  Apr. 4, 2012 at 12:39

Unfortunately I played the first 2 on Xbox 360 - and I definitely don't want to play Mass Effect 1 or 2 again.

Zeipher  Apr. 4, 2012 at 12:56

I've re-bought them all on PC, seeing as I want to be able to play them long in the future. I heard they all play better on PC. Xbox's die and become old in a few years... but PCs in general have a much longer lifespan.


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