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Mass Effect 3 "Is Not The End", According To Bioware

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 "Is Not The End", According To Bioware

We're all looking forward to bringing Shepard's trilogy to an end when 2012 rolls around and Mass Effect 3 hits the shelves. It promises to be a climactic, gripping conclusion to the sterling series; but don't expect it all to end there. Bioware has big plans for Mass Effect beyond the plight of Shepard and his team, Bioware bigwig Ray Muzyka explains.

"This is not the end of the Mass Effect franchise by any means," Muzyka boasts. "We have more things planned. We're laser-focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is awesome and epic and intense on a galactic scale, and we want to provide a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy". It's not especially surprising, considering Bioware is owned by EA, who've never let the chance to milk a franchise slip from their jewel-encrusted fingers.

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard must rally the civilized forces of the galaxy to claim back Earth from the Reapers, a fleet of genocidal robots who've emerged from the darkest depths of space to remove all organic life as part of their deadly cycle. It's set to be an explosive, heart-wrenching finale, with Bioware promising all manner of titanic encounters as Shepard seeks to stop the Reaper threat, once and for all.

"But also it's a beginning on a brand new adventure," Muzyka explains. "The galaxy is at war. It's a beginning as well as a conclusion". Could this tie in with rumors of Bioware mulling a Mass Effect MMO? Speaking to CVG, Muzyka once again dropped the "galactic war" reference, while teasing that Bioware has big things in store for their Mass Effect and Dragon Age brands.

What say you, Dealspwners? Where should Mass Effect go next? More RPG questing? Or an MMO? Or what about a full on third-person shooter? Tell us! [Eurogamer]

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