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Mass Effect 3 Boasts Heavy Melee Class

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Boasts Heavy Melee Class

Mass Effect 3 features a new class for us to explore; the Heavy Melee option, which takes advantage of the third game's newfangled close-quarters combat. That's according to Spanish magazine, MarcaPlayer, whose exclusive preview on Bioware's climactic conclusion to their genre-busting space opera sheds new light on what might be in store come the end of the year.

The Heavy Melee class - name I expect mauled in translation - seems to have been included to showcase the new melee system Bioware is implementing in Mass Effect 3. I'm expecting brutal takedowns - and hopefully stealth assassinations - with a new SWAT-turn maneuver mooted, too. The cover-system is said to be reminiscent of Max Payne, and Shepard can roll or jump "into small holes in the ground". Quite what that means is unclear, but don't worry; I doubt Bioware is turning Mass Effect into whack a' mole.

According to the rest of the article, Bioware is mulling space-battles. At this late stage in development, I very much doubt they're only considering including such a feature - which would require a hell of a lot of developing and testing - but they're obviously unsure on whether it's fit for duty. Confirmed locations include London and New York on your earthbound ventures, a Salarian world - Mordin! - a moon and even Mars.

As we all know, Cerberus is hellbent on offing Shepard, and though the details of this sudden breakup remain foggy, we do know the pro-human organization has deployed mechs and ninja-esque shock-troopers to eliminate him. The mechs apparently feature target-specific weak points, and Shepard can slice off arms or shatter armor. Combat in general is described as "more dynamic" and 10 to 15 percent faster.

But Cerberus isn't the prime enemy in the third entry, as the Reapers finally take center stage, emerging from the depths of space to remove all organic life from the galaxy, as is their custom. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from five hundred meter long vessels to individuals like Harbinger, who tops out at two kilometers in length.

The rest of the details include up to five mods available for each weapon, much more loot to pillage, new skills for classes like the Engineer who can build and repair turrets, and seemingly confirmation from Bioware that we won't be seeing the return of the Mako. In fact, we won't be driving at all. Which is somewhat sad. [Bioware Forums]

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Jerec  Apr. 21, 2011 at 07:57

Guys come on Spoiler warnings please!!!

I still haven't finished ME2 and now that bomb about Cerberus has just given away a probable betrayal.

Thanks a bunch.

me  Jun. 23, 2011 at 14:48


really... you read an article about Mass Effect 3... and get upset there was a spoiler in there about 2??? why would you read an article about 3 when you havn't finished 2?? you are just asking for the game to be spoiled by reading anything with information about ME3.... your own fault..

Late  Jun. 23, 2011 at 18:09

Why bring it up two months after the event?!
I'm not saying you're wrong, mind...

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