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New Mass Effect 3 Combat Details

Tom Silkstone
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Mass Effect 3

New Mass Effect 3 Combat Details

Mass Effect 3's not that far away now and the video below shows Gameplay Designer, Eric Fagnan, and Combat Designer, Corey Gaspur, demonstrating some of the new combat features in this instalment of the series, which we've trawled through and summarised for you.

Eric Fagnan (E.F.): We've put a lot of effort into improving our powers, every class gets a new unique power and we've also improved the old ME2 powers. One of the old ME2 powers that we've upgraded is Overload, so this was a anti-shield power in ME2, and we've given it a couple extra upgrades, so you can chain the attack.

The demonstration shows off the Engineer class' new sentry turret power, which can be thrown into the air to flank your enemies in tense fire fights.

Corey Gaspur (C.G.): One of the cool things with the sentry turret as well is that you can deploy it and actually see it through walls.

The Vanguard's possibly my favourite class in the game, seeing as it combines weapons proficiency with biotic abilities, and the two designers were more than happy to talk about one of the Vanguard's new abilities and a new Krogan shotgun.

E.F.: Nova is a close range shockwave power that is a high risk, high reward power, just like Charge, it will expand your barrier to do high damage to all enemies around it.

C.G.: So as we know, all Vanguard's love their shotguns and the Groll is really unique because it can fire a tight cone of spikes at a target, it'll stick into them from long range, and actually bleed the target out for a while. The Groll is one of the most accurate shotguns in the game.

The melee combat in the game has also received one or two little tweaks.

C.G.: Some of the big things we wanted to improve was the melee combat, giving the player more options in close combat, giving them more tactics.

E.F.: So we've tried to give every class in Mass Effect a new unique heavy melee. For instance, this is the Adept's heavy melee, so it'll send a guy flying through the air with high force. So, the Engineer's heavy melee is completely different, it's high damage, very little force, and it's all fire based, so this is going to help the Engineer take out heavily armoured opponents.

Weapons, powers and hand to hand combat aren't the only areas that have been improved, the AI's been "revamped" to pose more of a challenge to you seeing as it can "adapt" to your tactics. Then again you might still have the drop on them!

C.G.: As you can see shooting The Guardian head on is probably not the best way of going about it, but the Adept has a trick up his sleeve, he can pull the shield right out of The Guardian's hand, and other classes may have different strengths or weaknesses against certain enemies. So for example the Cerberus Engineer can deploy a little turret in the wall, which is pretty hard to deal with, but if you're the Engineer player class, you can hack the turret and turn it against the Cerberus faction, and that's something out team has put a lot of work into is making each class have different ways of interacting with enemies in unique and interesting ways.

Well, that's all we've got for now Mass Effect fans, but I'm sure more information will reveal itself in the coming months. If you want to check out the original video in its natural habitat, then click here.

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