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Mass Effect 3 Details Trickle In

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Details Trickle InThanks to PC Gamer, we've a few more Mass Effect 3 tidbits to dissect. Having had a sit down with Bioware, they reveal Garrus, Liara, Kaidan, Ashley and Tali all make a return in ME3; as long as they survived the brutal conclusion of the last entry. However, don't expect Shepard to get his - or her - hands on any new booty in the third game, as Bioware isn't adding any new romance options. Apparently 70% of ME2 players weren't the most loyal companions, and this will be reflected in ME3.

As we've already revealed, Mass Effect 3 features a new Heavy Melee class. However, according to PC Gamers' report, each class features a unique melee takedown. Additionally, biotic powers have been improved, and levels are said to be more multi-staged, encouraging exploration for better combat vantages. As well as human Husks, we'll be facing Asari, Krogan and Rachni variants. Which doesn't bode well at all!

In keeping with Bioware's renewed effort to improve the RPG elements, each power has multiple upgrade paths to explore. For instance, a basic biotic attack will eventually branch out into a greater, more diverse array of powers. And where might you be brandishing these particular abilities? Confirmed locations include the previously seen Salarian home-world, along with Asari and Quarian native planets. We'll also be venturing to Mars, as well as the titanic showdown on our own doorstep, Earth.

Finally, PC Gamer report every major character encountered in your past two Mass Effect adventures - as long as they're still alive - will show up in the third entry in some form or another. Bioware recently delayed Mass Effect 3 from its initial - and worryingly soon - release date of Winter 2011 to Q2 2012. Which we're all very relieved to hear. [Playstation University]

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