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Mass Effect 3 Face Bug Patch Releases Today On Xbox 360, Tomorrow On PS3

Matt Gardner
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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Face Bug Patch Releases Today On Xbox 360, Tomorrow On PS3

Is the end of the Bank Holiday weekend bumming you out? Don't worry, there's joyous news afoot! BioWare have finally released a patch to fix the facial import bug for Mass Effect 3. The patch launched while we were still stuffing our faces with chocolate yesterday for PC, with the Xbox 360 version arriving today, and the PS3 fix coming tomorrow.

Full patch details are below, courtesy of BioWare:

  • Fixed issues when in some cases Shepard's customized facial features from ME1/ME2 may not be properly imported to ME3.
  • Fixed an issue when quickly and repeatedly selecting to Resume a Save could result in Player Level reset and a potential locking of powers.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting Multiplayer in the Main Menu while under a poor network connection could result in an unresponsive state.
  • Fixed a potential crash while accessing an in-game terminal from Eden Prime level.
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to login while Server is down. It would display a Server Down message and accepting the Server Shutdown message would shut down the game.
  • Fixed a potential memory crash while loading a Quick Save of a custom FemShep.
  • Fixed an issue when restarting missions and acquiring an above max amount of weapon mods results in displayed debug text on-screen.
  • Fixed an issue when an unresponsive game state could occur during transition after the Conduit level.
  • Fixed an issue when DLC game saves can be accessed from an account without DLC if another account on the same computer has access to the related DLC. (PC Only)
  • Fixed an issue when saves from different accounts on the same computer may become locked if one account has access to DLC which the other account does not. (PC Only)
  • Fixed an issue when potentially the game could enter unresponsive state when transitioning from the Holding Docks area to the Normandy Docks area of the Citadel. (PS3 Only)


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MrBlonde89  Apr. 11, 2012 at 05:33

Bullsh*t it's fixed! I just downloaded the patch and got the exact same error message as before. Go f**k yourselves EA!


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