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Mass Effect 3 To Feature Kinect Support?

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 To Feature Kinect Support?

Why was Mass Effect 3's release date pushed back? So EA could force Bioware's hand and implement multiplayer? Or, on a more optimistic note, so the team in Canada had ample time and resources to end the trilogy with a bang, rather than a whimper? Or maybe it's because Mass Effect 3 might feature Kinect support?

Popping up on EA's online store, the box-art for Mass Effect 3 doesn't appear that interesting. Featuring Commander Shepard in a baleful pose, sporting an omnitool blade, just above the game's logo and the Xbox 360 banner is a small purple strip wedged in-between, stating "Better With Kinect".

Is this Microsoft's new slogan for Kinectified titles? Forza 4, for example, can be played with or without Kinect, but Microsoft would obviously prefer you do both. That said, I think we're all a little baffled as to what Mass Effect 3's Kinect features could entail? We'd all love to see Bioware leverage the peripheral's emotion-reading and voice-recognition tech, but I seriously doubt we'll be delivering lines with appropriate gravitas and straight-face in ME3.

That said, if Bioware can truly implement Kinect in a significant way, I think it'll be a huge boost for both the game and the device itself. E3 is just around the corner, and we expect to see a lot more from Bioware's conclusion to the trilogy in LA. [Eurogamer]

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