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Mass Effect 3 Ending Hinges On Player Investment

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Ending Hinges On Player Investment

News of Mass Effect 3's delay was greeted with much enthusiasm here at Dealspwn. It gives the geniuses at Bioware enough time to add some extra polish and ensure the climactic conclusion to our favorite videogame space-opera doesn't suffer the same fate as their most recent effort, Dragon Age 2. And as we edge closer to E3, new light is being shed on Shepard's final showdown with the Reapers. For instance, players who rush their way towards the end of the game will receive a "minimal ending" compared to those who spend a lot more time exploring and rallying races to their cause.

"If you do a little side quest, or you go off and do a major plot, these things contribute to the war effort," reveals Casey Hudson, the executive producer. In Mass Effect 3, the Reapers have finally emerged from the uncharted regions of space. And they've settled on Earth to begin their organic genocide campaign. Shepard, now back with the Alliance but on the run from former employers, Cerberus, must scour the galaxy for support.

But if you're a little too eager to reach the climactic showdown, Hudson explains your ending will be "a lot more brutal and minimal". But if you spend hours rallying troops to your cause whilst fending off Cerberus' attacks, expect a far greater reward. "If you really build a lot of stuff and bring people to your side and rally the entire galaxy around you, and you come into the end game with that, then you'll get an amazing, very definitive ending".

We're big Mass Effect fans here at Dealspwn, and while we were at first skeptical of the third entry - namely due to its hasty release schedule - between the delay and the recent preview coverage, we're ready to jump right back in! [Eurogamer]

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CompactDstrxion  May. 18, 2011 at 04:33

Fine, as long as it doesn't feel meta-gamey. If there's a crisis in the galaxy that urgently needs dealing with, I want to deal with it.

Misterel  May. 18, 2011 at 07:57

@CompactDstrxion The first game had that issue - "the universe is in immediate urgent peril - can you just help me with my cat- its stuck in a tree on planet X - don't worry you have all the time in the galaxy" - they fixed it a bit in the second as there were "consequences" if you delayed the final assault to carry out more side quests. Hopefully they will get the balance right here.


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