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Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Details Hidden Within Extended Cut

Jonathan Lester
BioWare, DLC, Leviathan, Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Details Hidden Within Extended Cut

Some incriminating files hidden within yesterday's Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC strongly suggest that BioWare are working on a new expansion pack for their Sci-Fi RPG: Leviathan.

As spotted by eagle-eyed forum dwellers on the BioWare Social Network, the Extended Cut DLC contains a script for an entirely new DLC pack focusing on a rogue Reaper who abandoned its own kind. The contents of the script have summarily been posted to Pastebin, which includes new voice acting.

Spoiler alert.

According to the script, this new DLC pack will summon Commander Shepard to rescue a scientist, Ann Brynson, who's important for the war effort. Upon finding her, however, you'll discover an indoctrinated mining colony overrun with Husks, lorded over by Leviathan. This turncoat Reaper, who was alluded to in the original Mass Effect, killed a fellow Reaper and can apparently be recruited to the cause as a war asset depending on your actions. Brynson will presumably also become a war asset, but will live or die depending on the choices you make.

Last night, BioWare producer Mike Gamble teased that "much more" DLC is planned for Mass Effect 3. Perhaps Leviathan is the first step.

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