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Mass Effect 3 Plot Details And Other Useful Info

Tom Silkstone
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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Plot Details And Other Useful Info

The endings for the last two Mass Effect games have left us hungry for more and as a result the waiting periods between titles have been unbearably long, so for all of us who are glancing at our watches, mentally urging BioWare to hurry up, the wait's been eased by the revelation of a few plot details and some info about the game in general.

Shepard starts things off in the docks having been put on trial following the events of the Arrival DLC pack, but doesn't have to worry about any consequences or doing hard time, seeing as the proceedings are halted when the Reapers begin their invasion, which leads to a hurried escape to the Normandy.

If that's not enough for our hero to deal with, Cerberus want to kill Shepard, so there'll be a few bullets to dodge whilst you try to protect the galaxy and you can expect to see the return of The Illusive Man, who's meant to be playing an important role in the game's events.

Depending on any loses you may have suffered during the course of the previous games, confirmed squad mates include Garrus, Liara, Kaiden or Ashley. Also, whilst the following characters will be making an appearance it's not clear yet whether they'll be able to join your squad or not, and they include Wrex, Mordin, Legion, and Anderson.

Those who are new to the series can catch up on the story and make crucial decisions by checking out the "Previously on Mass Effect" comic, but if you're reading this now I'd highly recommend that you buy ME1 & ME2 and play through them seeing as you've got plenty of time before ME3 hits shop shelves.

The RPG elements of the game will definitely be meatier, so don't be surprised when larger skill trees appear and your powers evolve more than once, ultimately it'll lead to greater freedom when you're modifying your character.

Guns are ME2 style, but you'll be able to modify parts like barrels and scopes to make them tuned tools of death. Additionally character classes will be able to carry any weapon you see fit to give them, but they'll have limited weapons slots with the exception of the soldier who can carry every weapon in one go.

Thankfully there won't be any multiplayer, seeing as it's inclusion would be a massive let down if it was done poorly, and it's absence means that BioWare can focus on where the action's really at when it comes to the Mass Effect series; the story!

And last but not least, the game will have a number of different endings, and the one you get'll depend on the choices that you make and who you romp around space with. [GAF]

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